Ann’s Bakehouse

Ann’s Bakehouse

One of the best cake shops in the Melawai area is Ann’s Bakehouse. There are various cakes, cookies, pastries available here for delivery or celebrating special moments. The packaging is neat, elegant, and gives a premium impression. There is a choice of Tres Leches cakes, Mocca Nougat, Caramel Tart, German Black Forest, to Honey Cake.

Sophie Authentic
When you enter the cafe, you will immediately smell the fragrance of freshly baked bread and pastries. Like other typical French bakeries, Sophie Authentic is also a cafe that sells various lunch dishes besides bread and cakes. Canele is the featured cake here with a crunchy texture on the outside but soft on the inside.

Paul Patisserie & Boulangerie
Paul is a cafe chain from France that sells various French pastries and bread creations made fresh in the store. It’s guaranteed that bread, pasty, and cakes are served here, authentic in the style of the Land of the Eiffel Tower. There are Croissant Choco Almond, Pain au Chocolate, Eclair, Tartelette Raspberry, and Mille Feuille.

Finding a cake shop in Jakarta is very easy, because the number of cake shops in Jakarta has mushroomed everywhere. One of the areas where you can go to find a delicious cake shop is in Central Jakarta. Areas such as Thamrin and Menteng can be suitable places to hunt for cake shops with the best taste quality. Not only taste, the creations of various cake shops in Central Jakarta can be admired for having a beautiful appearance.

Got a delivery of tarts and pastries from here. Have been here before and the service is pretty good too. For cakes, the standard taste is good because I’m not a fan of cakes either. There are some parking here.

Exquise Pattiserie Menteng is located inside Cokro House, on the front there is no nameplate so it’s a bit prone to getting lost. The place is really tiny and somewhat beyond my expectations, especially when I came at lunch time so the air-conditioned interior was full of visitors, in the end I had to wait a while sitting at the front table where the weather was quite hot. If you want to dine in comfortably, maybe you can come in the morning or evening, so you can still get a seat in an air-conditioned area.

The menu here is quite diverse, not only beautiful cakes but also various main courses. My friends and I only tried their cakes because we happened to have had lunch elsewhere. Not only does the cake look beautiful, but the naming of their cake menu is also really pretty. Here I tried Emilie and Hot Latte. Emilie is a mango mouse, it looks beautiful with a bright yellow color. The texture is soft and the taste is really good, the mouse with a sweet taste envelops the cake in the middle which has a sweet and sour taste at the same time, there are coconut flakes which also balance the texture and are refreshing in terms of taste. Their hot latte is also delicious, it’s quite strong for me so it still needs extra sugar, the presentation is really pretty and it’s accompanied by mini cookies.

I also had time to taste what my friends ordered, namely Alena and Sacha. Alena’s size is slightly thicker than the other 2 cakes, the cheese is very dominant and balanced with the sweetness of the cheese glaze that covers the outside, there are also peanut flakes so there is a crunchy texture. Sacha is also pretty good, actually it’s a combination of lotus and chocolate but in my opinion the taste is more bitter than chocolate, this is perfect for chocolate lovers.

Exquise Patisserie at Rumah Cokro Menteng is a small place, but always crowded. This time came coffee time and order:
*Chole cake to go (48k) – this is red velvet in the jar, the cake is moist and the cream cheese is also delicious.

*Alana New York Cheese Cake (55k) – the cheese cake is delicious, the texture is soft. The crust crumble cookies are also delicious, taste buttery.

* Palm Sugar latte (48k) – The coffee is bold, tends to be fruity with a sweet after taste. The sweetness from the palm sugar also feels just right. Delicious and recommended.

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