Benefits of Eating Sushi for Health

Benefits of Eating Sushi for Health

Sushi is a very popular food all over the world. Not only is it delicious, eating sushi also has health benefits.

Yes, sushi is a seafood dish that is eaten raw with rice. Even though some people may not like it because it is raw, sushi has a variety of nutrients that are good for body health.

The following are the benefits of sushi for body health according to

Rich in Omega3

Sushi is a dish rich in Omega3 fish oil, which is classified as an essential fat, because the body cannot make it.

They have a number of health benefits, including reducing high cholesterol levels, the risk of heart disease and overall inflammation, as well as lowering blood pressure, triglycerides and maintaining heart rhythm.


Fish is an excellent source of protein that balances blood sugar and keeps energy levels stable, keeps you feeling full longer, increases metabolism and reduces snacking between meals, promoting steady and safe weight loss.

Choose a ‘fishier’ option with vegetables such as Salmon or Tuna Sashimi with Seaweed Salad.

Food for the Brain

Fish in sushi is the number one brain food. Omega3 fatty acids nourish and repair brain cells and, because fish is also rich in protein and essential fats, it helps focus the mind, improve concentration and maintain energy.

Mood Stabilizer

By eating sushi regularly, fish oil can help more serious conditions such as psychosis and bipolar disorder.

Fish is also high in vitamin B12, which keeps the brain ‘happy’ and prevents attacks of depression, anxiety and brain fog.

Wrinkle Prevention

Sushi is a prolific source of antioxidants, which slow cell damage, prevent permanent oxidative damage to the skin and slow overall aging.

These antioxidants maintain skin cell structure, help keep cells younger both externally and internally and are an integral part of an anti-aging diet. Sushi is rich in Omega3 fatty acids.

Prevent Osteoporosis

Fish is also an excellent source of calcium, a key mineral for bone health.

Eating sushi regularly can help maintain healthy joints and prevent more serious conditions such as osteoporosis. Calcium also forms an important ‘building block’ for healthy hair and nails.

Memory Booster

The high levels of Omega3 essential fats in sushi fish help improve memory and can also aid cognitive function.

So eating sushi regularly is beneficial at all ages to help protect the brain and maintain healthy cognition.

Repairing Muscles

Sushi is also an excellent source of protein and, if exercised regularly, can help with muscle repair and recovery.

For maximum benefits eat sushi at least two or three times a week as part of your health and fitness routine.

Increases Body Immunity

Sushi is also packed with other important minerals, such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron, which play an important role in energy production and immunity.

Vitamin A, Carotene, Vitamin C and Retinol are also abundant (Vitamins A and C are more abundant in vegetarian sushi).

Avoid Obesity

Sea vegetables like kombu, nori and wakame, which are basically a type of seaweed found in sushi, are high in iodine.

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