Benefits of Yoga for Mental Health, One of which is Increasing Patience

Benefits of Yoga for Mental Health, One of which is Increasing Patience

Yoga quoted from Wikipedia is one of the six teachings in Hindu philosophy which focuses on meditation or ascetic activities where a person focuses all his mind to control his five senses and body.

Apart from its various poses, yoga also has many positive benefits which are good for overall body health including mental health.

1. Calm the mind

One of the main reasons yoga is highly recommended is because yoga poses combine complex postures and breathing exercises that are known to calm the body as well as the mind.

By adopting various yoga poses, it will help prevent anxiety attacks or panic attacks which are the most common mental health problems.

2. Helps focus

People who have disorders such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) are often asked to try yoga. The reason is, yoga can help you feel relaxed, center your body and help your mind focus.

ADHD itself is a disorder that directly affects focus and attention retention. Well, by doing yoga, it will combine breathing techniques and increase focus so it will really help people with ADHD.

3. Improves mood

Physical exercise releases healthy brain chemicals such as endorphins and dopamine. As a result, your mood will be balanced and common mental health problems such as depression can be overcome when you diligently do physical exercise.

One of the physical exercises recommended by therapists is yoga. Yoga has the ability to create mental calm and concentration and improve mood. In fact, yoga is an effective way to help manage bipolar disorder which induces extreme mood swings.

4. Helps build self-confidence

Yoga can help people who have self-esteem issues that are the cause of depression and anxiety. If you are someone who is having problems with self-confidence, then yoga is something you should consider.

When you do yoga regularly, it will help you to center your body and develop it. Slowly, breathing in yoga will increase your self-confidence and eliminate doubts about yourself.

5. Increase patience

A side effect of mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar is reduced patience. Ultimately, such distractions will lead to uncontrollable outbursts of anger.

To help overcome this, you can try yoga. Combining various breathing activities known as pranayama, yoga can help cleanse your body and mind. By practicing yoga frequently, it will increase your patience and sense of equanimity and help prevent angry outbursts and click here.

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