Cool Restaurants & Bars for Dating in Kuala Lumpur

Cool Restaurants & Bars for Dating in Kuala Lumpur

Looking for ideas to spend the night with your sweetheart in Kuala Lumpur? Make your memories with your partner unforgettable by dining out at a restaurant and ending the night at one (or several) of our recommended unique bars. Visit the celestina rooftop

1. Mr Chew’s Chino Latino

The people behind the extraordinary dining experience at Troika Sky Dining (Fuego, Cantaloupe, Strata) bring to life this unique culinary experience in the heart of Bukit Bintang. Mr. The prestigious Chew’s is located in the penthouse area of WOLO Hotel. The many comfortable dining areas make this place the right choice for any occasion. Dining in the main hall will make your date a memorable one, with a bar and hand-painted murals lining the walls. The atmosphere here is fresh and seductive, with floor-to-ceiling windows, Christian Lacroix murals and herringbone patterned wood floors.

How about the dishes? The menu includes a rich mix of co-founder Eddie Chew’s family recipes and South American ingredients, and the results are delectable. Nori Tacos, Tiger Prawn Dumplings and Chicken ‘Ribs’ make the perfect companions for some of KL’s best (powerful and imaginative) cocktails. You can also enjoy a more serious range of dishes (starters, mains and desserts). Upstairs, the bar provides a great place to relax before or after dinner. We suggest sampling interpretations of the classic cocktail made with Japanese whiskey, rice wine infused with Tonka beans, chili peppers and even matcha.

2. Bitter

KL’s first gin bar that’s relaxed and full of character. You can choose between the 80-100 varieties of gin available here, from limited production to commercial, and many varieties of bitters in the bar, set against a backdrop of rocky brick walls and mirrors. The Martinez, Southside and Bitter Love are the cocktails to perfection here, as well as gin flights (available soon), the standard G&T and, of course, the classic Bitter Gin. Customers can enjoy all of this while sitting comfortably on rattan chairs, on leather sofas inside, or at the bar table directly.

3. Sitka Studios

Sitka Studio offers a comfortable and relaxed alternative to classy dine-in restaurants. Chef Christian Recomio (who has worked at award-winning restaurant Noma and also owns Moonfish Cafe in Aberdeen) and his partner, KL restaurant veteran Jenifer Kuah, run this restaurant that uses local produce and seafood.

Think beautifully presented dishes, which add signature to ingredients grown, caught, pickled, or picked close to home. The restaurant also makes its own butter and sauce while forging good relations with local farmers, fishermen and ranchers. Using as much high-quality local ingredients as possible, each ingredient is given the simplest possible treatment to bring out its distinctive character.

For this eatery, it reveals another facet of the richness of local foodstuffs and the different ways they are used. The result is an honest and well-portioned culinary experience that truly speaks to the quality of the ingredients and the skill of the chef. The daily special menu changes frequently, and is complemented by a curated selection of organic wines and champagnes. A wide variety of signature cocktails and beers, and light juices are served with the food menu bringing fresh local fruits to complement your meal.

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