Definition and Brief History of Football

Definition and Brief History of Football

Football is the most popular type of team sport in the world, including in Indonesia. This sport is loved by many people from all walks of life and age levels. According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), football is a team game on the field, using soccer balls from two opposing groups, each consisting of eleven players, lasting 2 x 45 minutes, victory is determined by the difference in goals that go into the opponent’s goal.

The aim of the game of soccer is to put the ball into the opponent’s goal as much as possible and prevent the goal itself from conceding. In playing the ball, each player is allowed to use all limbs except hands and arms. Only goalkeepers are allowed to play the ball with their hands in the goal area. Even though soccer is one of the most popular sports, sometimes people still don’t know the history of the sport. Therefore, for you football lovers, it is important to know its history. What is the history or origin of the sport of football? please visit mtnviewfootball

A Brief History of Football

From historical relics, we know several names of football. In ancient China during the Han Dynasty, football was known as tanchu. In Italy during Roman times it was known as haspartun, in France which then spread to Normandy and Britain (England), known as choule. In ancient Greece the term epishyros was known and in Japan it was known as here. On October 26, 1863 a body was founded called the English Football Association. Then on December 8, 1863, the rules for the game of modern football were born which were compiled by the body which underwent changes in its development. On the initiative of Guerin (France) on May 21, 1904, an international football federation was established under the name Federation International de Football Association (FIFA).

Then on the initiative of Julies Rimet in 1930 the first world football championship was held in Montevideo, Uruguay. The world soccer championship is held every four years. On April 19, 1930 the All Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) was formed in Yogyakarta with the support of all bonds / associations. The PSSI board of directors was first chaired by Ir. Soeratin Sosrosoegondo. Starting in 1966, a youth football championship was held under the name Soeratin Cup (Soeratin Cup). The following are the names of the Football Organizations:

a. FIFA (Federation International Football Association)
b. UEFA (Union of European Football Associations)
c. AFC (Asian Football Confederation)
d. OFC (Oceania Football Confederation)
e. CAF (Confederation of African Football)
f. CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football)
g. CONMEBOL (Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol)
h. PSSI (All Indonesian Football Association)

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