Here are 7 benefits of vaping that you need to know!

Here are 7 benefits of vaping that you need to know!

Vaping has received bad press which indirectly puts vaping in a bad light. Even though there are many positive reports about the health benefits that vaping provides, the news still covers it with exaggerated coverage of the risks and dangers.

Not only that, the results of studies on vaping which have the potential to have a positive impact on public health are ignored and twisted by interest groups with strong power.

Even great scientists and researchers in relevant fields are overlooked when their research doesn’t suggest vaping is as bad as smoking, or worse according to

1. Vaping is safer than smoking

The British Royal College of Physicians, Public Health England and the American National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Medicine agree that vaping is safer than conventional smoking.

Public Health England says vaping is 95% safer, because vaping does not require combustion, does not produce smoke containing TAR and carbon monoxide which are harmful to health.

2. Vapes do not leave odor or residue

One of the biggest benefits of vaping is that you won’t smell the residual odor on your clothes, house or car. In fact, you won’t find any residue like cigarette ash from vaping.

Even though it doesn’t leave an odor, vape vapor still has the aroma of the liquid, but you don’t need to worry because the aroma smells good and you can still get compliments from other people because the aroma is not annoying.

3. You can control your nicotine intake

Vaping can give you the freedom to choose the level of nicotine you need. Liquid provides a variety of nicotine options, from mild to strong, and there are also non-nicotine liquids which do not contain nicotine at all.

Of course, from this you can reduce nicotine gradually until you are completely free from nicotine.

4. You can control the thickness of the vape vapor

Vaping can give you settings to determine the thickness of the vapor. Some people may not want to be visible from thick vape vapor, therefore vaping with a vape pod is the best solution because of its minimum power and small model.

But there are also those who like thicker vape steam for several reasons, so a vape mod is the right choice because of its greater power.

5. Many flavor choices

You don’t need to worry about running out of flavor references for vaping. There are lots of liquids created by brewers out there that have varied flavors. Popular flavors like fruit, cake, drink, mint are all available in the market.

6. Open up job opportunities

From your many experiences while vaping, of course you get interesting ideas or innovations about vaping. In fact, you can be categorized as having professional skills in the field of vaping. With this vaping experience, you have the opportunity to become a worker in the vape industry and get paid for it.

7. Ease of access for vape shopping

In times like this, it is very easy for you to shop for your vape needs. There are many vape shops or retailers that sell vape products widely spread around the area where you live.

You can also buy it online through marketplaces on social media just by sitting and playing on your smartphone.

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