Lieutenant Colonel G. Grashuis

Lieutenant Colonel G. Grashuis

… ainsi que celle qui y conduit par les Etats du Sousouhounang, étaient occupées par des brigands.
“Earlier also when they saw the division of labor on the copper inscriptions, they were also amazed because there were already social organizational ranks in such a way, of course those who study the history of water management realize that people in this area for such a long time It has taken a long time to develop such sophisticated knowledge which is quite amazing,” said Hilmar.

“So Disoeroeh Toewan-Beasar detained Moesoeh disitoe, when he wanted to be fashionable, he deployed his troops. However, there were a few people who were politically literate and many Javanese, so the Javanese weapons were sharp or sharp, and a few held snapan; there were about 2 8000 too much.

“That was a wonderful museum. I hope I can attend this museum again someday.” Said a member of the Guatemala U20 national team.
“The Empress in particular said that everything was so elaborate, it seemed like it was thought out properly. He (the Emperor) is very pleased that the National Museum has such an extraordinary collection and the variety is very interesting, added Hilmar.”

“The King of Solo’s troops showed so little disposition to fight, that a large body of his cavalry, who made a very formidable appearance with their large cocked hats and spears, were actually brought to bay by Captain Dixon alone, and afterwards pursued by Captain Dixon and Lieutenant Blakiston for several miles without attempting to turn on them.
[“…also the road leading to the country of Sunan, was occupied by robbers.”]

[“King Solo’s troops did not show the character to fight. Their large cavalry troops, whose appearance looked very majestic because of their big hats and spears, were driven away by captain (William?) Dixon alone. Then they were chased by captain Dixon and lieutenant (John) Blakiston traveled several miles without resistance. The cavalry appeared suddenly during the hill charge. Lieutenant Blakiston assigned by the highest commander ordered our light infantry to fire on him. Regarding the passing of orders, when Blaskiston encountered a sergeant, he stated that he couldn’t do it. .Because aide de Camp fawns over them.”]

3 years have passed since the arrival of Rainier, but England is back with a new threat. This time the threat they pose is bigger. At that time the Bataaf Republic, which took over the VOC due to bankruptcy, immediately faced the British invasion attempt. The defense in Java was immediately alert when the Royal Navy squadron led by Rear Admiral Henry Lidgbird Ball was spotted in Banten. Instantly they prepared beach cannons. At the same time, Kasunanan and Sultanate had mobilized their troops and moved to Batavia.

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