Liquor Brands that are Popular in the World

Liquor Brands that are Popular in the World

According to a world beverage industry report released recently, Jinro Soju drinks sold 61.4 million liters or more than double the sales of Smirnoff Vodka which sold 24.7 million liters last year, which was in second place on the list. .

Jinro Soju’s closest competitor, Lotte Liquor, also ranks as the best beverage brand with the third largest sales level in the world.

Apart from releasing the best-selling drinks in the world, the association also released five drinks that experienced the fastest sales growth in the world.

As quoted from the ajsmuskego page, here are the five beverage brands that are developing the fastest in the world.

1. Skinnygirl Cocktails

Bravolebrity Bethenny Frankel is certainly happy with the success achieved by her, who undoubtedly has an important role in increasing sales figures for this cocktail which is claimed to be low in calories.

Based on the figures listed in the beverage association office, it seems that Frankel has succeeded in tapping into the empty market niche, namely women who like to drink but are also conscious of their body shape and still follow a diet.

Marketer / Importer: Beam Inc
2011 Volume: 586
Percentage Change: 388.3%

2. Familia Camarena Tequila

Familia Camarena Tequila Drinks offers two types of the best Agave tequila namely silver and reposado.

With six generations of experience in making this drink, it is not surprising that they have succeeded in occupying the top two positions in the number of liquor product growth throughout the world.

Marketer / Importer: Alto Spirits / E & J Gallo Winery
2011 Volumes: 250
Percentage Change: 233.3%

3. Malibu Prepared Cocktails

When making rum drinks, from now on it feels like bartenders don’t need a mixer at all.

This is because, this brand is ready to offer ready-to-drink drinks Malibu Rum Punch with a mixture of pineapple, banana, passion fruit and mango flavors as well as Malibu Caribbean Cosmo with a mixture of coconut, lime, orange and cranberry flavors.

Marketer / Importer: Pernod Ricard USA
2011 Volumes: 150
Percentage Change: 158.6

4. Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey

This drink has been around since 2007. It’s just limited to consumers in the United States.

Apparently, the delicious whiskey drink they created has made many people curious and interested in tasting it.

Marketer / Importer: Sazerac
2011 Volume: 180
Percentage Change: 157.1%

5. Rokk Vodka

This Rokk Vodka drink is made by a company based in the Kallby area, Sweden.

Apart from that, with the strategic partnership with The Lonely Island, it is not impossible that in the future this drink will receive more attention.

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