Names of Traditional Indonesian Foods, Regional Origins and Pictures

Names of Traditional Indonesian Foods, Regional Origins and Pictures

Typical Indonesian food is very diverse and part of cultural values. The combination of culture, community character and local natural ingredients influences typical food and its regional origin. This food is usually prepared based on recipes passed down from generation to generation, the ingredients used come from the local area and the food produced is also in accordance with the local community.

Actually, there are many typical foods from each region. From the island of Sumatra alone there are more than 40 typical and traditional foods, you know! However, usually there is only one food that when we hear the name of this special food we are immediately reminded of its regional origin. For example, Acehnese noodles come from Aceh, pempek from Palembang and these are the foods we will discuss in this article.

Aceh Noodles – Aceh

Even though it looks the same as noodles in general, Acehnese noodles are synonymous with the use of abundant spices. In this traditional recipe, this typical Acehnese meal uses more than 20 spices which make the taste very different compared to other noodles.

Catch Chicken – Aceh

Reporting from The name of this typical Indonesian food is unique, but it doesn’t come from the way it is cooked. This uniqueness comes from its presentation where caught chicken is chicken cooked with spices then green chilies, pandan leaves, turmeric leaves and curry leaves are fried and sprinkled on top of the caught chicken.

Bika Ambon – North Sumatra

It turns out that it’s not without reason that there is a difference between the name of traditional food and its regional origin. Bika Ambon, which originates from Medan, is so named because according to a humanist and historian, M Muhar Omtatok, this cake was first sold and became popular on the side of Jalan Ambon, Sei Kera Medan. So even though it is called bika ambon, this food comes from Medan.

Soto Medan

Compared with soto from other regions, Medan soto has a distinctive characteristic, namely a pale yellow, slightly greenish coconut milk sauce with a little spice and cumin. Soto Medan is served with chopped chicken or beef, vermicelli, green beans. Don’t forget boiled eggs, tomatoes, fried onions, green onions, celery leaves and red crackers as side dishes.

Rendang – West Sumatra

Referred to as one of the most delicious foods in the world, the name rendang comes from the Minang language, namely randang. What is meant by randang is the cooking technique using merandang, which means stirring the food for a long time until the food becomes dry.

The ingredients for making rendang are beef, goat meat or even buffalo meat, cooked with spices and coconut milk then stirred until it becomes like curry, then processed into kalio and if cooked continuously, it will become rendang.

Patin Fish Curry – Jambi

As one of the names of typical Indonesian foods, curry in each region has its own characteristics. Including catfish curry as the name of a typical food originating from the Jambi area. While generally curry is made from beef or chicken, Jambi has catfish curry.

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