Some Lists of the Best Hospitals in the World

Some Lists of the Best Hospitals in the World

The existence of a hospital is important in a country, especially when a disease strikes a country such as the current corona virus (covid-19) outbreak. Apart from the Covid-19 pandemic, every person who is sick definitely wants to get the best treatment and treatment. Therefore, choosing a hospital is important.

To get a list of the best hospitals in the world, the major weekly magazine site in the United States, Newsweek, has spent several years highlighting aspects of health services in hospitals. Trusted sources, data collection was carried out to obtain a mlmedgroup of the best hospitals in the world.

1. Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic, which is based in Rochester, Minnesota, United States, deserves the best status because it has been able to provide comprehensive medical care for more than 150 years. Now the Mayo Clinic has a number of branches in central Arizona, Florida and Minnesota. As well as more than 19 hospitals in five states of the United States.

Its health system serves more than 1.3 million people each year. An important innovation that is useful for the entire medical community is the success in producing more than 7,200 peer-reviewed journal publications to date, as reported by trusted sources. It’s not surprising that the Mayo Clinic occupies the top position as the best hospital.

2. Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic is the hospital that performed the world’s first total face transplant. More than 7.6 visits were recorded in 2017 at hospitals spread across the US, Canada and the United Arab Emirates. The plan is that there will be a new location in London, England, in 2021.

Another assessment that makes this hospital ranked number two is none other than the heart surgery and heart disease program at Cleveland Clinic’s Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute which has always been ranked the best in America every year, since 1995. The institute is a major medical center first to organize with patient-centered institutions to combine clinical services for heart disease.

3. Singapore General Hospital

The oldest hospital in Singapore was founded in 1821, which began as a cantonment for British royal troops near the banks of the Singapore River and then transformed into the largest health system in the country. Singapore General Hospital serves more than 1 million patients every year. As a tertiary referral hospital with additional specialist centers on campus, SGH provides affordable care for patients.

A variety of patient-driven clinical research and provides undergraduate to postgraduate educational training for students and medical professionals. This is the first hospital in Asia to be nicknamed “Magnet destination”, the main destination for patients in 2010. This nickname is seen from the excellence of nursing that is promoted by trusted sources.

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