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The Difference Between 2D and 3D Explainer Videos

Are you planning to create animated explainer videos? That’s great. But you don’t know where to start. Should you choose 2D or 3D? What are the processes? What are the pros and cons of 2D and 3D animation videos? If you want to know every key detail about 2D and 3D videos, then let’s delve into the subject, without further ado.

What are 2D videos?

Putting it in simple words, two-dimensional videos based on the x and y planes are 2D videos. Normally, on your social media feels you see them every day and on every digital device. There are several examples of 2D animations that you might have seen on television, such as our lovable cartoons like Bugs and Bunny, Tom and Jerry, and Snow with Full-Suite of SEO Services White. These videos have both length and width and are confined in two-dimensional space, but simplistic.

What makes them simplistic? Let’s have a look at their processes.

The initial step of 2D video creation includes drawing the images; these could either be drawn by hand or generated through software to speed up the process. Several flat images are created, each with some difference – frame by frame, the animation story is sculpted. These differences include some kind of movement and changes in the action.

After image creation, these images are then tuned to depict movement – that is, instantly showing one image after the other (all happening in milliseconds). A 2D animation video usually has 24 to 29 frames per second (FPS). FPS is the measurement of how many images or frames appear within a second. Creating 2D animations might seem like an easy process, but considering the above FPS metrics, it takes about 2880 photos for a two-minute video.


  • 2D animations are cost-effective. If you want to create explainer videos within a tight budget, then 2D videos are your way to go. The fact that less technical equipment is required to create 2D animated videos reduces costs significantly.
  • Although creating 2D videos requires creating several images, the production time of 2D videos is considerably less. If the software is used, then the time taken to create 2D videos is reduced.
  • The 2D animations are simplistic as opposed to 3D animations. There is no need to add in-depth details to the objects. Graphically, the objects in 2D videos, such as cartoons, can be easily created by artists and interpreted by the viewers.
  • If you are planning to convey a simple message, such as information or data, then using 2D animation stands out as the ideal option.


  • As the 2D videos have fewer details, some factors make these videos boring for the viewers. For whatever purpose you’re creating videos for, your videos must grab the viewers’ attention. Hence, with fewer movements and graphics, 2D videos can be tedious.
  • Considering the advancement and innovation in animated video creation, the demand for 2D videos has significantly reduced. Both for entertainment and creating explainer videos, organizations are investing in 3D rather than 2D videos.

What are 3D videos?

The 3D videos are three-dimensional. These videos both include height, width, and depth. The objects in the three 3D videos have extra detailing. They appear more realistic as they occupy a specific space. The additional dimension adds depth and detail to 3D videos.

Creating 3D videos includes the processes of modeling, texturing, animating, lighting, and rendering. In the initial phase of modeling, the shapes of the objects are designed. In the second, texturing focuses on adding alterations and additional features to the object. The third phase sets the specific motion of the characters and their background. In the fourth phase, adjustments to the camera angles and lighting are made for optimal results. In the final phase, rendering and manufacturing of the video takes place.

The process of creating 3D videos requires the use of video animation software. The FPS of these videos ranges from 30 to 60 FPS. Extra detailing, lively and life-like depictions, and extra movements make these videos graphically and visually pleasing.


  • The 3D explainer and animated videos closely relate to real-life life. As the object occupies mass, it adds a realistic feel to the videos. Hence, explaining complex topics and conveying essential information makes this 3D medium ideal for businesses.
  • The objects created for the 3D videos can be reused, which reduces the hassle for the animation creators and designers.


  • As the 3D animations require extra detailing and styling, it increases the production time considerably. Also, time consumption increases when there are requirements for alterations to the objects or the background.
  • 3D animation creation requires specialized software equipment and digital artists; resource allocation can be quite tough if you have limited budgets.

3D vs. 2D: What Should You Choose?

Choosing between 2D and 3D can be complex. There are pros and cons to both 2D and 3D. The choice of what type of videos you would choose consists of several facets. The first is: what is the purpose of your videos? If you plan to convey a simplistic information-centric message consisting of stats and data, then your choice should be 2D animation. If you plan to advertise your products or aim to demonstrate complicated tutorials, then opting for 3D explainer videos is a viable option.


The creation of 2D and 3D videos requires the expertise of experienced experts and cutting-edge equipment. Moreover, the financial investments needed to fuel the operations of video creation can take a toll on you. But still, if you want your audience to easily comprehend your message and get them glued to your advertisements or explainer videos, then using any 2D or 3D video should be your primary choice, as video engages more as opposed to other forms of advertising mediums.

To make your investment in explainer videos worthwhile, you should opt for the services of experts and experienced animators, designers, and digital artists. A video animation production company is something you should bet on for both 2D and 3D video creation. One we know about and have benefited from is SMB Services. The video company has both cutting-edge technical equipment and professional staff that can help your business create pixel-perfect videos for marketing and personal use.

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