These are 6 Very Strong and Powerful Dog Species, Are You Interested in Breeding?

These are 6 Very Strong and Powerful Dog Species, Are You Interested in Breeding?

Dog is a man’s best friend. As we know, dogs are very popular pets. Dogs are not only favorite pets, but are also used to guard the house, search, herd breeders and others. This tiring work can only be done by a strong and sturdy dog.

Which dog species are classified as the strongest, most energetic and powerful dogs? Let’s find the answer here!

1. Rottweilers

Reporting from hotdogclub Rottweilers occupy the top position on the list of the strongest dogs. The rottweiler’s bite ability is no joke, reaching 328 pounds per square inch (PSI)! It is not surprising that Rottweilers are often used for various purposes, such as herding livestock, as guard dogs or helping the police to track down things.

What is the nature of a Rottweiler dog? Even though they are often family dogs, Rottweilers can be aggressive. Therefore, it is important to train this dog’s character from a young age. If trained properly, Rottweilers can become intelligent, loyal and defensive dogs towards their owners, explains the Canna Pet page.

2. German Shepherd

German shepherds or German shepherd dogs have a unique combination. German Shepherd dogs are known to be strong, sturdy and intelligent and loyal to their owners. His abilities and intelligence are needed in various fields, such as helping the military and police, security and anti-terrorist and anti-drug organizations.

The bite of a German shepherd dog is no less deadly. German shepherd dogs have a bite force of 238 pounds per square inch (PSI). Its bite ability places the German Shepherd dog in second place after the Rottweiler. But, don’t worry because this dog will only bite if it feels influenced.

3. Pitbull

In 3rd position there is a pitbull type dog. This dog is known for its bite ability and sturdy, muscular body. Pitbull bites are no less deadly. Pitbulls rank 3rd in the list of dogs with the strongest bite. Pitbull’s bite capacity reaches 235 pounds.

Even though they have a “fierce” appearance, pitbulls are actually very friendly dogs and like to play. Pitbulls are also friendly and can act defensively towards children if they are cared for properly. If a faction threatens its owner, the pitbull will not hesitate to attack.

4. Kangal

Not familiar with this type of dog? Kangal is a dog that comes from Türkiye. This dog is often used as a guard dog and has a very strong bite. It’s not surprising that kangals are used to protect livestock from wolves and bears, the Pet Comments website revealed.

Kangal is known as a loyal dog, preventive but friendly to small children. But, don’t underestimate the Kangal because this dog has a larger body size and strong muscles. This dog has a height of 72-86 cm and a body weight between 41-54 kg for female dogs, and 50-66 kg for male dogs.

5. American Bandogge

At first glance, this dog is really similar to a pitbull. However, the two are different dog breeds. This dog has a stocky body shape with strong muscles and jaws. These dogs are strong enough to bite, tear and scratch limbs and leave deep residual injuries, explains the Pet Comments website.

The American bandogge is a Molesser dog. This is a group of large dogs that have strong and muscular bodies. The Molesser type dog has the exact same ancestor, the Molossus herding dog from Ancient Egypt. Apart from the bandogge, other types of Molesser dogs are the mastiff, great dane, boxer, pitbull terrier and American bulldog.

6. Siberian husky

The strongest dog is the Siberian Husky. Apart from being a family’s favorite dog, in their place of origin, huskies are used as sled dogs. Often, the sleds they took had heavy loads. Not to mention the excessive terrain and cold temperatures. Luckily, huskies are strong dogs!

Even though they have a cheerful and friendly attitude, the Husky has strength behind its annoying face. The Siberian Husky was found to have a bite force of 320 pounds per square inch (PSI). Don’t worry, huskies are not an aggressive type of dog, so don’t worry!

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