Top Titleist Driver Shafts for a TSR3 Driver

Titleist golf has long been an industry leader in the market for performance golf equipment, notably club heads and golf balls.

To wit, one of their most popular drivers is the TSR3, and unsurprisingly, not all golf shafts will make a mate for it.

So, with that said, what are some quality Titleist driver shafts for a TSR3 driver?

What the Titleist TSR3 Offers
To understand which Titleist golf shafts would be compatible with the TSR3, we first need to understand where its performance comes from.

The Titleist TSR3 driver is a large driver engineered to deliver precise ball speed and extend carry distance, all while offering exceptional feel and stability.

It does this through several features, including but not limited to construction from aerospace grade titanium and advanced adjustability.

It also features Speed Ring Variable Face Thickness Technology, consisting of a conical, variable thickness club face that maximizes the CT/COR relationship and concentrates the sweet spot, making it even better.

The Titleist TSR3 also features a design with a variety of subtle features adjusted slightly for aerodynamics, minimizing drag, and enabling faster, more fluid swing dynamics.

Given these attributes, the following are recommended – by the manufacturer itself – as top Titleist driver shafts for one of these drivers.

The larger size of the TSR3 makes it a perfect match for the counterbalanced, yet lightweight design of a shaft like the HZRDUS CB Red.

This shaft is designed with lighter swinging weights, boosting speed (a good pairing with the advanced aerodynamics of the TSR3) and a player-friendly bend profile that’s widely attractive to a diverse pool of skill sets.

If you have a moderate swing tempo and prefer a mid-launching shaft that produces medium-spin characteristics, this is one of the best options.

TENSEI AV Blue with XLink Tech
The hallmark of this MCA TENSEI AV Blue is the XLink Technology which reduces carbon fiber volume, all while improving feel and boosting strength. It’s also made with Aluminum Vapor in the handle section that improves strength and stability as well.

With mid-launch, mid-spin characteristics, the TENSEI AV Blue with XLink Tech is a great choice for players that need a very stable, forgiving shaft that helps boost carry distance without compromising on shot dispersion.

The HZRDUS Black 4G is one of the most advanced shafts in the HZRDUS line and features a Dual Torsional design that optimizes both torque and stability, specifically for players with aggressive swing tempos and strong swing speeds.

It also produces a low launch profile and minimal spin, making it ideal for players that require stiff, low-torque shafts that don’t produce a lot of shot dispersion.

If your swing speed is fast and tempo is hot too, this is a good Titleist golf shaft for your TSR3.

Not Sure If These Titleist Driver Shafts Will Work for You?
In addition to these, Titleist also recommends the TENSEI 1K Black, along with several other Tour AD shafts.

If you’re not sure which one is for you, work with a golf fitter – such as the professionals you’ll encounter on the team at Dallas Golf Company – to find the perfect Titleist driver shaft for your needs and abilities.

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