Types of Espresso Based Coffee

Types of Espresso Based Coffee

For you coffee lovers, you may be familiar with names such as macchiato, latte or cappuccino.

However, if you are not familiar, it would be a good idea for you to pay attention to the types of coffee drinks below so that you don’t make the wrong order when visiting a cafe or coffee shop.

If you pay attention, you will probably find the term “espresso based” on the menu in almost all cafes or coffee shops in Indonesia according to hobstoughton.

Espresso based is all types of drinks made or mixed using Espresso. Espresso itself is a type of processed coffee drink that is brewed using a special tool called an Espresso machine. The coffee beans will be extracted using pressure from an Espresso machine.

Short Macchiato

Short macchiato is a coffee drink that is actually almost similar to its basic ingredient, namely Espresso. The difference is that short macchiato is given a little hot milk and foam so that the taste is not as strong as espresso.

Generally, baristas have various methods and their own recipes for mixing short macchiatos.

Long Macchiato

The long macchiato has a slight difference from its “brother”, the shot macchiato. This type of coffee drink uses 2 (two) shots of Espresso in the mixture so it has a taste that tends to be heavier.


The concoction of this coffee drink is also quite simple. The combination of an Americano concoction is just Espresso and warm water.

The general ratio in mixing Americano is 1/3 (one third) of the glass filled with Espresso and the rest is warm water.


Latte or cafe latte is an espresso-based coffee drink that is added with hot milk and micro foam.

This coffee has a much sweeter taste compared to Espresso because there is the addition of hot milk. The word latte itself means milk in Italian.

The latte mixture is usually 1 (one) shot of Espresso with hot milk and 1 (one) centimeter thick milk foam on the top side.


Cappuccino has exactly the same ingredients as latte. The difference here is in the dosage and composition.

Cappuccino contains more milk foam on the surface than latte. The thickness of cappuccino milk foam is generally 3 centimeters.

Flat White

The flat white concoction contains espresso and hot milk. This is different from cappuccinos and lattes where milk foam is still mixed in. Flat white is prepared by mixing 1 (one) shot of Espresso and hot milk.


Basically, piccolo latte is a cafe latte mixed in an espresso cup. This will make the piccolo have a very strong Espresso taste, but smoother because of the mixture of milk and foam.

Cafe Mocha

Cafe mocha, often known as mocha, is a mixture of cappuccino and hot chocolate.

Mocha is prepared by mixing cocoa powder with 1 (one) shot of Espresso. The resulting mixture then continues with the process of making cappuccino in general.

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