Very Delicious and Popular Typical Brazilian Food

Very Delicious and Popular Typical Brazilian Food

Brazil is a country that has a diverse multicultural heritage. Starting from culture, typical Brazilian food and many other things. This resulted because Brazil had become a Portuguese colony and also welcomed colonialists to come to its country.

Because of this heritage, Brazil has a broad and rich cuisine with a variety of flavors that originate from a fertile land blooming with the most exotic ingredients.

Cuisine is the art of mixing many different ingredients to get a single, harmonious dish. And it’s no surprise that Brazilians are very successful in the art of mixing things up to get extraordinary results according to orbakers.

1. Feijoada

The first typical Brazilian food is Feijoada. Feijoada is a dish consisting of black beans slowly cooked in a pan with pieces of meat, mostly pork, until the sauce is thick and has a strong flavor.

Traditionally served with white rice, boiled cabbage, raw orange slices and crunchy farofa. Feijoada originates from the state of Pernambuco and was later popularized in the state of Rio De Janeiro.

Because of its deliciousness, Feijoada has been crowned as the unbeatable Brazilian food to date. Therefore, it is served during special family gatherings and is also served in almost every restaurant on Friday afternoons.

2. Brigadeiro

This typical Brazilian food is a snack or dessert that you must try when visiting Brazil. Brigadeiro is a very simple Brazilian bonbon the size of a golf ball, made from condensed milk, cocoa powder and butter.

3. Pao de Queijo

This typical Brazilian food is the most famous food served abroad. Because so many people like this food, Pão de Queijo is very popular on the market. Pão de Queijo took the global snack business by storm and it still hasn’t reached its full potential.

If translated, this food is also called cheese bread. But, Pão de Queijo does not contain wheat. The dough is made from crunchy cassava flour, which pairs perfectly with the slippery and chewy inside which is soft and smooth cheese. The best way to eat Pão de Queijo is when it is piping hot or just out of the oven.

4. Carne de Sol

Carne de Sol is a very salty piece of beef that usually goes through a drying process for several days. This was originally a method of preserving food.

The process is very similar to that of the Portuguese colonists who preserved their cod and this technique probably originated from them.

5. Tapioca

This typical Brazilian food has been around for a long time. The word Tapioca itself comes from Tupi, an indigenous tribe originating from the northern region of Brazil. Tapioca is a white paste made from the cassava plant.

Tapioca is served like a crepe with various fillings such as cheese, ham, fruit jam, chocolate, or even meat.

Tapioca doesn’t have much flavor, but that you can easily overcome. Nowadays there are lots of creative fillings that you can try to make new flavors. The main characteristics that make Tapioca a Brazilian staple, besides its health benefits, are its unique consistency and incredibly delicious taste.

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