World Famous Typical Indian Food

World Famous Typical Indian Food

India is known as a country that has many culinary varieties. Indian food has also been accepted globally. So it’s not difficult to find Indian food in several countries. Usually, Indian restaurants abroad provide favorite menus like this Indian dish. Ranging from Indian staples like biryani rice to typical Indian snacks like panipuri.

1. Biryani

There are many names for one of the typical Indian dishes which are famous all over the world. Some call it biryani, beryani, biriani, or briyani rice. Although it has many names, this biryani rice is one of the home-style Indian dishes that relies on a lot of spices, from coriander to cardamom. One thing that can’t be separated from briyani rice is basmati rice which has a characteristic with a long and slightly dry shape.

2. Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is also one of the favorite Indian specialties that you can find everywhere. This Indian specialty is not butter chicken like the one in Chinese dishes. This one food is more similar to Japanese-style curry which is full of spices. You can always find this one menu in restaurants that sell Indian food.

3. Idlies

Idli is very popular as a breakfast menu in South India. The shape of this idli resembles a pancake or is similar to an Indonesian-style pancake. Idli is made from fermented lentils and steamed rice and is usually eaten with a spicy vegetable curry.

4. Gulab Jamun

India is very famous for its variety of sweets or desserts. One of them is gulab jamun which has a very sweet taste. This gulab jamun is made from a dough made from milk and is shaped into a round shape. To add sweetness to the gulab jamun, it is soaked in a very sweet sugar syrup.

5. Kathi Roll

Street food or street food is also very popular in India, the food sold is also very diverse, ranging from heavy meals to snacks. Kathi roll, one of the most famous street food, has a simple taste and the taste can be accepted by anyone. This kathi roll is similar to a Middle Eastern-style kebab, what makes it different is the bread that wraps it. Kathi rolls use paratha, a type of flat bread or Indian bread.

6. Papri Chaat

You can find Papri Chaat in India easily because this one snack is indeed one of the favorite Indian snacks. Papri Chaat has a unique taste that you may have never tasted. A dough similar to fried dumplings filled with boiled potatoes, boiled peas and smothered in yogurt sauce.

7. Pani Puri

This typical Indian street food can be found in every region of India. Panipuri has a unique sour-sweet taste, its crunchy texture is also the hallmark of this snack. Panipuri is similar in shape to sweet potato balls in Indonesia, except that this snack has a crunchier texture.

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